Buying Tips

Here are some basic things that you need to know, before choosing to buy a PC or a printer.

When purchasing a PC, you must take care of:


Buy the best CPU that you can afford, with as much of cache as possible.


After selecting the CPU, buy as much RAM as you can afford.

 Hard Disk

It is always better a SCSI one. Choose the max. capacity HDD that you can afford.

 Video Card

We recommend you an AGP one, with as much RAM as possible.


The rule is simple: Buy the best and larger monitor you can afford.

The best monitor to keep your eyes as safe as possible is a LCD one. By it, to save your eyes and your health in general in the long term. Otherwise, look for the best normal monitor that is in the market. You must look at the low-radiation tab in the monitor and have the warranty from the seller that it is a real low-radiation one.


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