Solution: (SMTP-SSL) Port Is Disabled – Consult With Local Computer Guy

he Problem

From time to time I will get an odd error when setting up scanning to email on a Sharp copier that says:

“(SMTP-SSL) Port is disabled. Consult your system admin.”

I’ll admit, this error had me puzzled the first few times I saw it, and I thought the problem was within the router, not in the […]

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What You Can Do To Improve Your Web Hosting

What would you need if you wanted to use a website to sell your own products and services? You’ll definitely need a shopping cart which can process online payments. While some companies that offer web hosting also offer this capability, some do not. This article will show you what to look for when choosing a […]

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Cell Phone Shopping Tips

Cell phones seem to change every day. There are OS upgrades, new apps and even new abilities with the phone itself. They look different, perform differently and even cost different amounts. That means you truly have to understand what the cell phone world offers, so check out the tips below.

Try to avoid using information services […]

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Buying Tips

Here are some basic things that you need to know, before choosing to buy a PC or a printer.
When purchasing a PC, you must take care of:

Buy the best CPU that you can afford, with as much of cache as possible.


After selecting the CPU, buy as much RAM as you can afford.

 Hard Disk

It is […]

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What You Should Know About The IPad

You’ve been wanting to do more with your iPad, but you’re not sure where to begin. There are so many things that you’re just not aware of yet, so you need to continue reading this article to get you pointed in the right direction. Once you are on the right path, there is no stopping […]

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IPhone Tips For New And Advanced Users

Individuals from all walks of life have discovered the iPhone is the best thing since sliced bread. However, what could it be that makes the Iphone so marvelous? Read on to learn why, as well as how to use your iPhone in new ways. Regardless of your experience with iPhones or how long you’ve owned […]

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